Grinds Service

I provide Grinds to Leaving Certificate students and others studying History.

I am offering a rate of €30 per student, per hour or €25 per student, per hour for more than one student. The grinds take place on a 1 to 1 basis, weekly for 1 hour.

The grinds would usually take place in the student’s home, though an alternative meeting place, such as a library, can be arranged if it is of more convenience.

The grinds will aim to support the student in revising work from the curriculum or focusing on a particular area or concept the student finds difficult. The structure and content of grinds can be agreed with a student, and their parents, prior to the grind service commencing. The student will be required to complete assignments between grinds.

I have a knowledge of Aspergers Syndrome, so students with the condition are most welcome.

For further information, or to reserve a place, please see the Contact Us page.



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