My talk in the County council on 12th December 2016 (Above.) The topics dicussed included the work completed in the archives relating to the 1916 rising, the school truancy books, continuities between issues in the council both now and afterwards like housing and so on. Questions were fielded by the councillors afterwards, including potential new finds of minute books, which are likely still present across the area.

Fresh blog post on ‘Islam and women’s rights’ – online magazine. In it, I discuss early women rights issues. 24/08/2018.

‘Secrets of the archives’: my talk on the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council archives, October 19th, 2017 in the Eblana lodge.

‘Ancient empires, bio drugs and Medieval Ireland’ talk for the PubhD society, Trinity college, Dublin, 2nd August 2017. Ronan Lectures Pubhd

Lecture Terenure Library ‘General Sir John Maxwell and the 1916 rising’ Wednesday 24th February 2016.

Lecture UCD history society, ‘The Caliphate, ISIS, and images of early Islamic history,’ 15 February 2016.

Lecture Rathmines Library, ‘General Sir John Maxwell and the 1916 rising’ , 24 August 2015 as part of heritage week.

(Please note the same lecture was given Tallaght library 25 august 2015. )

Lecture also given ‘The battle of mount street bridge’, Ballyfermot library.

Flier for Upcoming talk, 7th July:

The Early Caliphate and History 2

Speakers club rathmines, Talk: 'Every womans body a battleground: the veiling debate' .

Speakers club rathmines, Talk: ‘Every womans body a battleground: the veiling debate’ .

Early Caliphate and Issues of History

Swords library, 21st September 2015.
Ronan Stewart, MA Cambridge

The word ‘Caliphate’ keeps getting thrown around these days as massive changes sweep the Middle East. So what was the Caliphate? Where did it come from? And what effect does the idea of this ancient civilisation have on the present? This talk looks into the story of how the Caliphate rose to power in 632 CE and separates fact from fiction. We will explore how effective the Caliphate was, some of the highs and lows of its 1300-year history, and how
the concept of the Caliphate illustrates the modern world.

Talk on ‘General sir John Maxwell and the 1916 rising’, Rathmines library August 24 2015


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